Mulla Nasruddin stories with explanation


Laughter is not senseless!  These explanations brings out the real contemplative meaning to give you extended joy. 

Wise Choice Unconscious Man
They do it fully Disrespectful
Everything happens for Good Greed Unlimited
You are Right Blessings
The smuggler What Sleep is not
So Sure What is useful
Who makes the Noise End of Debate
Burglars find him Empty No Problems
You cannot Deduce THAT Bookish Knowledge
Nasruddin Delivers a Sermon Truth or Untruth
What do you Own The Real Man
Unanswered Questions Worth of Silence
Fight to Flight Let the pot Die
The moving friend Gets a cow
Nasruddin vs intellectuals Beauty
End of excuses Already knowing
Eating or preaching Quarrel with wife
Find a Master Insured Marriage
Daughter-in-Law Fear
Why are we here Trick of words
Loan Request Certain about aunt 
Party is ON Nasruddin's Tomb
Blind following Your Worth
Lake without Water Sun vs Moon 
Laughing turns to crying Your cat is dead
Will of Nasruddin Liar Nasruddin
Nasruddin dies Selfish
Alive or dead Find a Master
Simplicity All you need
King visits Can we Play