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Home of Mulla Nasruddin Stories/Jokes/Tales

Mulla Nasruddin Stories/Jokes/Tales

We are not just interested in putting up stories of Mulla Nasruddin. Here we are trying to bring out the supreme wisdom these remarkable spiritual stories contains. These stories are sometimes known as Mulla Nasruddin jokes as they surely are hilarious. But more than jokes, these Mulla Nasruddin stories contains such wisdom that just cannot be conveyed normally. By reading Nasruddin stories you may laugh out of ignorance, or you may laugh out of wisdom. Our endeavor would be to make you laugh out of wisdom so that you forever get out of the world of ignorance. That is why these are called spiritual stories meant for contemplation. And only a just contemplation can justify the traditional retention of these stories.

Mulla Nasruddin is the humorous character in a number of hilarious, though spiritual stories told all over the world. He assumes different roles in different spiritual stories to not just make us laugh, but to awaken the real smile within us. He does not even mind being sound as foolish, if that makes us realize our own foolishness and then ultimately make us come out of such deliriums. In these stories the logical comes in the form of illogical. Simple, profound, rational Truth comes out in the form of extravagantly unusual, irrational and remarkably interesting situations. Each story works as a hammer on our normal perceptions of life if contemplated properly.

Mulla Nasruddin is considered to be a character of 13th century. But the reason we are considering him here is that he demonstrated the timeless wisdom that was relevant then, that is relevant now and would forever be relevant.

Several countries consider Mulla Nasruddin to be the son of their own land. His true origins may be a matter of debate. But what is indubitable is the popularity of these stories as cherished folktales in many countries. Mulla Nasruddin tales are part of all levels of conversations from casual discussions over tea to the highly advanced spiritual discourses. They not just transcend geographical barriers, but reject the intellectual barriers and dissimilarities also. These tales transcend high above and yet touch the heart of an ordinary person all over the world.

Mulla Nasruddin stories are famous in Persian, Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Judeo-Spanish, Kurdish, Punjabi, Romanian, Serbian, Sindhi, Russian, and Urdu folk cultures.

Mulla Nasruddin's wide popularity is matched by wide variety in which his name is spelt! Nasrudin, Nasruddin, Nasredin, Nasrudeen, Nasr ud-Din, Naseeruddin, Nasr Eddin, Nastradhin, Nasreddine, Nastratin, Nusrettin, Nasrettin, Nostradin, Nastradin and Nazaruddin. Like name, different titles are used as per different cultures: "Hodja", "Hoja", "Hoxha", "Khwaja", "Hojja", "Hodscha", "Hoza", "Hoca", "Mullah", "Mulla", "Mula", "Molla", "Efendi", "Afandi", "Ependi" and "Hajji".

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